Rolf Egli ist ein Nomade, Einer der immer das Neue sucht, der nie den geraden, einfachen Weg nimmt.

50 Jahre lebte er in der Schweiz. Nach der Ausbildung als Fotograf war er lange im Journalismus tätig,wechselte dann in die Show Szene wo er Musicals produzierte, Künstler managte, Tourneen organisierte und als Medienchef im Schweizer National Circus Knie arbeitete.

Nach 50 Jahren wurde ihm die Schweiz zu klein. Auf seinen zahlreichen Reisen lernte er die Hawaii Inseln kennen und lieben. Kurzentschlossen kaufte er mit seiner Frau das Maui Swiss Cafe in Lahaina. Ueber 11 Jahre führten die Beiden dieses erfolgreiche Lokal. Gleichzeitig wurde Egli von Google als erstes Google Street View Photographer auf Maui engagiert. Ueber 10 Jahren fotografierte er für Google Hotels, Restaurant und Läden auf den Hawaii Inseln. Mit über 250'000 views pro Woche, total über 23 Millionen zählt Egli zu den erfolgreichsten Google Fotografen weltweit.

Nach 11 Jahren Maui wurde auch dieses Ort wieder zu klein und so zieht er 2017 nach Deutschland. Dort verbringt er die Sommermonate mit Fotografieren und in den Wintermonaten bereist er die Welt. Halt eben ein Nomade...

Music was my first love – a sketch of my life
Rather than moving in a straight line, it is more rewarding to approach life at full speed like a slalom race.  This attitude requires candor and courage,  and that is only possible if you don't play safe.  You have to be prepared to enjoy life and its infinite variety to the utmost.
Photographer and PR representative
Even as an apprentice in the Sixties, Egli was already working as a PR representative whilst training to be a photographer.  Not long after his 20th birthday, he began organizing concerts with bands likeUriah Heep, Electric Light Orchestra and many others.
Hospitality industry
After completing an apprenticeship and 4 years of art college, the recession meant that the range of available jobs was severely limited. Egli made a spontaneous decision to undertake further training in the hospitality industry, started as the Comis at Dancing in Engelberg and ended up as the Chef de Bar at the Hotel Atlantis in Zurich: "A fantastic time to study people and what makes them tick".
From photography to writing
Having returned to his original career as a photographer, he soon began to write.  An interview with Nena led unexpectedly to the position of Chief Editor of the magazine Music Scene. He then went on to work as Chief Editor for a number of magazines in Switzerland.  He globe trotted from China to Mexico, from Spain to Hawaii as a travel journalist, and his job as a people journalist allowed him to interview and photograph VIPs ranging from Arnold Schwarzenegger to Princess Diana. He was the first Swiss correspondent for the MTV music channel, and moderated numerous radio broadcasts.
Into the theatre
Marco Rima invited Egli to a test run for the musical Keep Cool. A week later Egli became the production manager of the first Swiss musical Keep Cool.  He worked with the support team for the comedian Marco Rima to write musical plays.  He then went on to be the production manager for theJeff Western Musical Show , and after the show's sensational success in Winterthur, he hired the Musical Theater in Zurich.  Only a year previously he had been working as a program seller for the musical Cats in the same theatre.  Egli has produced the world premiere of the magic show MAG!C in the Space Dream Theatre in Baden, and brought the successful German musical Die Schöne und das Biest [Beauty and the Beast] to Switzerland for the first time.
During his work as a producer, Rolf Egli agreed a number of  contracts with well-known Swiss artists. Egli managed artists ranging from Bonnie Jeanne Taylor  to Suzanne Klee, and from Jeff Turner to Egon Egemann. The singer Gunvor took part in the Eurovision Song Contest that was held in Birmingham, and she was another artist managed by Egli. Her zero score in the competition made headlines throughout Europe.
Musicals and Circus
Egli spent 5 years in charge of the Circus Conelli in Zurich. This romantic Christmas circus is part of national culture in Switzerland.  He then went on to work as media and PR representative for the Esstheater [food theatre] show Clowns & Kalorien [Clowns and Calories].  The Schweizer Musical Nacht [Swiss Musical Night] spent 5 years touring throughout Switzerland. This was a lavish production with the most up-to-date technology, unique arrangements and a large live orchestra, and Egli came up with the concept, put it into practice and directed the show. During the 5th year, Egli was forced to abandon his company and his plan for a small business in Switzerland to produce high quality musicals. Egli worked as Key Account Manager and Head of Sales for the two largest Swiss event technology companies, which also gave him the opportunity to learn the technical and commercial side of the business.  Egli then became Head of Media for the Swiss National Circus KNIE. He spent two seasons touring Switzerland with the Circus Knie, which performed in over 50 towns and cities, and spent 9 months of the year living in a caravan.  In 2006 Egli completed additional training with jobtv in Zurich in the field of video production. This encompassed how to direct videos, how to add a soundtrack and edit them right through to the finished article. 
One of the largest European circus companies is returning to Switzerland after 20 years, and they have entrusted their communications and marketing to Rolf Egli.
The future on the island of the endless summer
Someone once said to Egli "You should be at least 200 years old to have done as much as you already have". He sees his fiftieth birthday which he celebrated in 2006 as the halfway point; watch this space to see what Egli comes up with for part two…
Since 2006 Rolf Egli and his wife live in Maui/Hawaii. Maui Swiss Cafe is the name of the new business for them. A nice little restaurant with Internet not far away from the beach and harbor. In 2012 Egli was going back to his roots and started taking pictures for Google Business View.