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Sie suchen den perfekten Strand für ein Mode Shooting? Brauchen ein Hawaiianisches Model? Suchen eine Berghütte fuer eine Filmszene? Suchen den alten Mann mit den vielen Falten für ein Werbeposter?

Wir haben die Antwort auf (fast) jede Frage und die Lösung für (fast) jedes Problem. Dadurch dass unser Leben in verschiedenen Erdteilen stattgefunden hat, haben wir ein Wissen und Know How das Ihnen hilft Zeit und Geld zu sparen. Testen Sie uns, Fragen Sie uns!

We are a universal home for filmmakers and production companies looking for beautiful tropical, exotic or timeless locations for their film production or commercial photography projects in Maui, Hawaii


Rolf Egli offers film production companies and creative director's and photography location scouting and management services throughout the islands of Maui and Lanai.


Our location scouting services and location management services have been used for both commercial photography and film production projects. Typical locations Rolf has scouted and managed include tropical sceneries such as waterfalls, rain forests, rivers , luxery homes, hotels and beaches.

Rolf can travel to and shoot sample photography of locations that meet the client's more specific location requirements and even obtain approval and negotiate fees with private owners for exclusive location rights.

Because Rolf knows the island since more than 20 years he can help, with any special idea about a location.


If you are a film company or photographer and plan a production or a shooting on Maui, I can help you. I am a professionally trained photographer and have lived on Maui for many years. I can actually meet almost any location desired. Unlike on the island of Oahu on Maui still unspoiled landscapes and deserted beaches that are ideal for fashion shoots and other projects can be found. Maui weather has 365 days of sunshine.

In searching of locations or model agenciens, pemits or technical support, I can help you to focus on the essentials of your production. Please contact me with questions and we can easily find an answer. Aloha!

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